Jupiter Fee, Rates and Charges

Fair and transparent - Jupiter as a digital first bank ensures that the charges structure is fair and there are no hidden fees. You can find the detailed fee structure below.

Last updated on 1 September, 2021

Savings Account 🏦

Minimum Average Balance Zero Balance Account
Interest Rate on Savings Account 2.5% per year. More details

Digital Payments and Transactions 📱

Online Payments - NEFT/RTGS/UPI No charges. Period.
Online Payments - IMPS No charges for first 5 transactions
From 6th IMPS transaction in a month,
No charges if used under ₹1,000
₹1,000 to ₹1 Lakh - ₹5 per transaction
₹1 Lakh to ₹2 Lakhs - ₹10 per transaction

Debit Card and ATM Charges 💳

Get a physical debit card for the first time No charges
Replacement fees in case of wear and tear or lost card No charges
Yearly charges on debit card No charges
Transaction fees if you use Federal bank ATM No charges
Transaction fees if you use any ATM other than Federal bank
  • Free for first 5 transactions per month
  • After 5 transactions, ₹20 for cash withdrawal & ₹10 for balance check or mini statement per transaction
Cash withdrawal from any ATM outside India ₹100 per cash withdarwal + 3.5% forex charges
Balance check or mini statement from any ATM outside India ₹25 per enquiry
Cross currency forex charges on international debit card transactions 3.5% forex charges
Transaction decline fee at ATM due to insufficient funds 😱 At Federal Bank ATM - No Charges
At any other ATM - Rs 25 per instance
Transaction decline fee in stores due to insufficient funds 😥 No charges

Branch transactions and others Charges

Get a chequebook

No charges on first chequebook of 5 leaves

Additional requests will be charged at ₹3/- per leaf and courier cost of ₹60/- per kit.

Chequebook facility is only available for Verified(FKYC Completed) members.

Demand draft 1 demand draft free, once a year.
After that, you will be charged:
Issued against bank account debit
  • ₹30 for draft upto ₹5,000
  • ₹50 for draft from ₹5,001 to ₹10,000
  • ₹4 per ₹1,000. Subject to a minimum of ₹50 - For draft from ₹10,001 to ₹1,00,00
  • ₹4 per 1000 subject to a maximum of ₹10,000 - For draft from ₹1,00,001 and above
Demand draft against cash
  • ₹100 for draft upto ₹10,000(including GST)
  • ₹8 per ₹1,000. Subject to a minimum of ₹100 - For draft from ₹10,001 to a max of ₹49,999(including GST)
Fees for NEFT/RTGS transfers No charges for first 5 transactions per year. After that, you will be charged:
RTGS at the branch
  • ₹20 per transaction for ₹2 lacs to ₹5 lac
  • ₹45 per transaction above ₹5 lakhs
NEFT at the branch
  • ₹2 per transaction upto ₹10,000
  • ₹4 per transaction from ₹10,001 to ₹1 lac
  • ₹14 per transaction from ₹1,00,001 to ₹2 lacs
  • ₹20 per transaction for ₹2 lacs and above
Fees for Branch Visit. For any of the following:
  • Address Confirmation
  • Photo Attestation
  • Balance Confirmation
  • Signature Verification
  • Cheque
  • Electronic clearing services (ECS)
  • Demand Darft (DD) cancellation
  • Bank Statement
No charges for 5 visits per year.
Any other requests, ₹100 per visit
Charges incase you fail to honour standing instructions for recurring deposit, mutual funds SIPs ₹100 per instance. Only first return in a month will be charged
Electronic Clearing service (ECS) or National Automated clearing house (NACH) debit failure ₹350 per transaction. ₹180 for return of ECS/NACH transaction for the first time
Account Closure Closure can be initiated from the branch
Within 6 months - ₹100
After 6 months before 12 months - ₹300
After 12 months - no charges

Note: No charges if the account is closed within 14 days from the first deposit into the account.
Charges related to Locker, Cheque Collection or any other Charges More details

Note 1: Any charges mentioned specifically in this page would have precedence over here.

Note 2: If not mentioned explicitly, these charges are exclusive of GST, so an additional 18% GST would be applicable.